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Discover Your Unstoppable Power.
Transform Your Business.

Break Through Barriers.

January 24-26th, 2024

12 PM - 4 PM, EST

Countdown to Confidence!

Join us for an extraordinary three-day online event dedicated to ambitious women in business. "Fierce and Fearless" is more than a summit; it's a movement for women ready to amplify their success and shatter the glass ceiling.

Why Attend?

Empowering Keynotes: Hear from trailblazing women who have overcome challenges and soared to new heights in business.

Actionable Success Strategies: Learn success strategies that will quickly accelerate your success and boost your bottom line.

Inspiration & Motivation: Stop living in denial and take charge of your financial future. Leave empowered and hopeful!

The Dynamic Duo Hosting the Summit

Meet Heather Nielsen and Sharee Pack, the heart and soul behind Choosing Wisdom. What started over 20 years ago as a simple neighborly bond has flourished into an unbreakable friendship and a thriving business partnership.

Together, they've navigated the joys and challenges of life, from raising kids to supporting each other from across the country. United by their faith, positivity, and a passion for empowering women, they've created this summit to inspire women to embrace their fierce and fearless selves.

Join them in this journey of growth and confidence – it's more than a summit, it's a celebration of women's strength and potential.

Sharee Pack, Reiki Master & Health Coach

Breaking the Chains:

Energy Alignment for Prosperity and Freedom

Sharee is a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Health Coach. By using her

5-C methodology - Clarity, Compassion, Clearing Out, Change and Calibration— she specializes in empowering fiery female entrepreneurs who have put their health (and love life) on the back-burner - to drop the weight, reignite the passion, and make more money than ever before!

Sharee Pack loves life and lives it to the fullest, being a wife of 1, mother of 4, and grandma of 5. She has an extensive background in health and wellness with multiple modalities and certifications and is rooted in her genuine concern for her clients. She takes a holistic approach and creates clarity, direction, and positive support. Sharee is also a Meditation Expert, certified in Energy Medicine, EFT, TFT Practitioner, and Homeopathy.

When she is not helping others or researching her favorite topics, you will find Sharee spending her time on simple joys like walking with her husband, reading fantasy novels, creating dishes from around the world, and playing board games.

Sharee is a member of the team and the founder of

Heather Nielsen, Speaker & Business Coach

Turning Your Passion into Profits

With an impressive 15-year career as a successful real estate agent, Heather Nielsen has transitioned her expertise into speaking and success coaching, empowering individuals to achieve their business aspirations.

Heather brings her wealth of experience and passion for teaching and inspiring to her business consulting services. With a focus on mindset practices, personal development, and small business start-up strategies, Heather guides entrepreneurs with practical advice and a positive approach. Drawing from her networking and event coordination expertise, Heather helps create impactful online and in-person experiences for businesses.

Heather is a devoted wife and mother of five who has always been deeply committed to her faith. She is a valued member of the team and the founder of, where she continues to impact lives by sharing her passion for faith-based positivity & success and her dedication to helping others achieve their business goals.

Event Highlights

Cultivating Confidence: Unlock the secrets to building unshakeable confidence in your professional journey.

Strategies for Success: Learn from experts about innovative strategies that drive business growth and personal achievement.

Breaking Barriers: Dive into sessions focused on overcoming obstacles and reshaping your business landscape.

Check out our list of All-Star Speakers:

Kim Perrymond

Event Planner & Coach

Confidence as Your Cornerstone

Lucas Root

Leadership Coach

Embracing the Dark Feminine: Transformative Strategies for Business Success

Dr. Tasha McCray

Real Estate Investment Coach

We Should All Be Rich Friends

Caitlin Doemner

Ecstatic Sales Coach

The Ecstatic Way: Leveraging Your Emotions for Increasing Intuition and Confidence through Emotion

Lorna Sherland

Leadership and Vision Coach

Clarity in Chaos:

Mastering Your Vision for Unstoppable Confidence

Kate McCartney

SaaSpreneur & Tech Coach

From Teacher to Tech Nerd:

My Transition from the Classroom to Co-owning

an All-in-One CRM

Teresa Dukes

Executive Coach & Speaker

If You Want to Lead,

You Have to Speak!

Annette Campbell

Virtual CFO Services

Never OverPay the IRS Again

Kristin Guymon

Intuitive Healing Guide

Furnace of Affliction:

Using Trials and Set-backs to Purify Your Power

Why Confidence? Why Now?

Confidence isn't just a personal trait; it's a cornerstone of business success.

In the ever-evolving business world, confidence empowers you to take risks, face challenges head-on, and seize opportunities that lead to growth and prosperity.

Here's why confidence is crucial:

  • Risk-Taking: Confident women are more likely to take calculated risks, which is essential for business growth and innovation.

  • Effective Decision-Making: Confidence leads to clearer, more decisive action, a key trait of successful business leadership.

  • Influential Leadership: Confidence inspires trust and respect, making you a more effective and inspiring leader.

  • Networking and Relationships: Confidence enhances your ability to build and maintain strong business relationships.

Attending the Fierce & Fearless Summit isn't just about acquiring new information; it's an opportunity to enhance your business skills and elevate your professional trajectory to new heights.

This summit is the launchpad you need in 2024 to break through barriers,

whether you are seeking advancement in your current business, shattering the glass ceiling,

or making the leap into entrepreneurship.

It's about equipping you with the confidence to aim higher, achieve greater financial prosperity, and redefine success on your terms.

Join us and transform your business journey with newfound confidence and dynamic strategies for success!

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